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If you are promoting affiliated products there are two mainstream methods:

  • You will either write a blog post about a product including lots of stuff such as spec comparison tables in the topical context of your blog and include an affiliate link to the product or service
  • Or you will import affiliated products complete with all of the textual information – in the form of Woocommerce assets, ie. you build a shop

Re:Hub – WordPress Affiliate Theme

The Re:Hub theme is the most popular Wordress Affiliate Marketing Theme by far and for very good reason. Each of the 10 child themes implements a variation of either/both of these mainstream methods. I have installed several of these and the implementation of the Free Content Egg plugin within this theme fantastic. My recommendation is – that you purchase the Re:Hub theme, install the demo’s and have a play. This is a brilliant theme, regardless of whether you are a WordPress novice or pro, the Re:hub theme is the one to cut your teeth on:

Kingdom – WordPress Affiliate Theme

The Kingdom theme is one of a number of similar themes designed to work seamlessly with the Woozone¬† & Wooebay Commercial Plugins. It is much more straight forward in so much that it imports product assets into a virtual shop from major sellers such as Amazon and Ebay. What could be easier than selling products you don’t have to stock, ship or support – for a commission rather than a profit.

The Kingdom theme implements the full shop experience, up to the checkout when the user is taken to the Amazon shopping cart to pay in the usual way.

Bravo – WordPress Affiliate Theme

The Bravo theme implements a very similar full shop experience.

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