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When it comes to domain names – 123-Reg are a my provider of choice as when they are running an offer such as this they usually cannot be beaten on price.

123-Reg is a solid UK company with a good track record and a sound business model, they have been around since the 90s. Their systems are feature rich, the user interface is quite intuitive and very easy to navigate.

If you have skipped all of the decision making analysis on the site,  just click the image below, choose your domain name(s) and sign up. In the domain control panel the DNS Settings will be pre-set for 123-Reg Email and Web-hosting. If you are hosting your website on an external machine such as a home-server, an ‘A’ Record pointing to the IP address of the Webservers can be configured using the DNS control panel in advanced mode.

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After registering new domains at 123-Reg, it can take up to 48 hours for the settings to propagate global DNS, hence even if you sign up for Web-hosting your site will not be available immediately.

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