E-Business Hosting - Returns

After 12 successful years trading and some time for reflection - we are back with the leaning to enable you to setup and run a profitable E-Business

Time Is All You Need

If you have some time, this website and your own creativity is all you need to setup and maintain a profitable E-Business

Affiliate Strategy and Setup

Now we have an idea of the affiliated products we are going to be able to promote, we can have a crack at mapping them to affiliate providers. However, we need to make sure that we have defined the scope of the shop front from end to end.

Scaling the Service

So we looked at niches and although it takes a bit of opening your mind to find a meaningful one, you can have more than one, in fact you can have as many as you think you can manage. So this may mean multiple sites and the affiliate strategy should cater for everything needed.

Embracing the part of our Mission Statement – which talks about the management of the buying process and the client engagement, my view is that I can probably manage the Home Automation strategy and do it well. Therefore we need only one website, but it does make logical sense that multiple niche areas should be logically split between websites even if they are on subdomains mapped from the same domain name – more of that clever stuff on the next page.

Also embracing the part of our Mission Statement – which talks about treating the customers as customers and the clicking of the affiliate link being a small part of the buying process its time to confirm that it has not escaped my attention that I can recommend appropriate products on this site which represent good value and if I am really clever I can set myself up as an affiliate and make some money.

Identifying the Providers

When I ran the web hosting business my client had quite an extensive portfolio of domain names and I had a few of my own. Due to the high volume it made sense for me to become a Nominet Member and Tag Holder for the .uk domain names and got the rest from enom.com. Now I have a fewer .uk domain names, the Nominet Membership is no longer viable. So my research showed that 123-reg is a good alternative, all things considered. So 123-reg needs to be included in the affiliate shopping list – you can probably see where I am going with this. Here is my stab at a shopping list:

  • Domain Names – 123-Reg
  • Webhosting – 123-Reg
  • Website Template – Envato Themes
  • Website Plugins – Envato Themes
  • Apple Home-Kit Certified: Home Automation products – Amazon, Ebay
  • Apple Non Home-Kit Certified: Home Automation products – Amazon, Ebay
  • Newly Wed Holiday Destination: Sandals

I think we have a complete list. So lets see about some affiliate scheme applications. Following a little research I can see we need to join:

  • CJ Affiliate – 123-Reg & Sandals
  • Envato Affiliate
  • Amazon Associates
  • Ebay Partner Program

Having had a look I can see that it is easy enough to sign-up with Amazon and Ebay and indeed Envato, but CJ Affiliate – formerly known as Commission Junction, is service which provides an interface enabling access to close on 3k affiliated providers. I have written my network-profile to demonstrate why they may like to work with me, listed my websites and applied for 123-Reg, Sandals and a few other schemes. Lets see what happens.

So where did the “Sandals Holiday” come from I hear you asking. Well I have now put the strategy together for the Home Automation – Website, you will need to have a look when I publish the domain name. Suffice to say I have done the “Sandals Holiday” myself and therefore understand the type of people attracted to this kind of destination.

So now we have our target list of affiliate products and providers and have also submitted some applications, its time to have a look at how this will be implemented on our website.

Lets get on with the >> Website Strategy and Setup.