E-Business Hosting - Returns

After 12 successful years trading and some time for reflection - we are back with the leaning to enable you to setup and run a profitable E-Business

Time Is All You Need

If you have some time, this website and your own creativity is all you need to setup and maintain a profitable E-Business

About Us

It would probably be prudent to tell you a little about me – as whilst I very clearly don’t make any guarantees that my experiences will help you, I believe it is important you at least understand so as you can apply some context.
You have probably already judged that I am not your average business man. Having started my career as a mining Electrician – then moving into large OEMs such as Ford, Rolls-Royce and Honda, developing my career through Manufacturing and Engineering Management I have finally ended up in a commercial/operational role working for a large compliance service provider.
I have had and still have a fantastic career and now in my mid 50s, I am looking at retirement options. The problem is that I am that kind of person who will never really retire, its just a case of a change to the way I earn my cash.
Amongst all of that you will have figured out that I decided to overlay 12 years of challenging times – in the creation and operation of a web hosting business, but I suppose the reality is that this was simply the evolution of something which started out as a bit of inspiration and me being me, well the rest is history.
The move into the commercial world happened about 11 years ago so what you see here today is a solid grass roots engineering and production background with a substantially overlapping commercial experience which again began at a grass roots level and ended up at today’s senior management position.
Quite extraordinary – but roll all of the production management, lean enterprise, business improvement stuff together and apply it to today’s commercial world and what have you got….
Despite the running of a web hosting business I am not a website developer by any remote stretch of the imagination, so whilst I will try to keep things simple and logical, I am already finding that the application of learning as I go is causing frequent changes to my thinking which is difficult to articulate.
However, change is a good thing and if you follow along you will be able to align with my train of thought.
Also, please forgive me writing in the vernacular, but apparently google likes the way I write so fortunately or unfortunately, what you see is what you get.
Enough about me – the strategy for the site is dead simple: I have/am analysing previous experience to set a strategy for an e-business which anyone can setup and run. All it will takes is time and a little creativity – hmmmm that sounds like a nice strapline for the header.